World Class Grayling Fly Fishing

Alaskan NW Adventures LLC
Box 306 Nome, AK 99762
Phone: 1-907-443-3971

 Our camp is 75 miles northeast of Nome, Alaska on the beautiful Niukluk River. It is a classic fly fishing river with crystal clear water. Also firm gravel bottoms, many pools, riffles and eddies make for ideal Grayling Fishing conditions. Above the lodge there are very few places where the water is over waist deep, and no rapids. The area is timbered with spruce, birch and cottonwood which creates wind breaks when fishing in windy conditions. This pristine river flows into the Fish River with 7 tributaries that we also fish. We use a jet-powered river boat to travel on the Niukluk River. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile fly-fishing with me, I heard a couple from London talking and the wife said “Now this is what I expected Alaska to be like.”Your hosts Tom and BJ Gray personally make your trip a great experience. Being raised in the area we know the fishing, area and culture. After time with us you will take a part of our lives home with you. We will also be blessed to take a part of your life with the time spent with us.