Our Native Alaskan Culture

Tom and BJ’s Fly Fishing Lodge reflects our families’ heritage: Iñupiat and Yupiaq Eskimos

We follow the traditions of hunters-gathers also known as a Subsistence living. We hunt, fish, and harvest our food by natures clock: to follow the mating seasons and migration patterns of the animals.

Our Family help gather and prepare the food

Qaspeqs by Bridget
Qaspeqs by Bridget

Here are some photos of the traditional clothing worn by Alaskan natives:

A kuspuk (/ˈkʌs.pʌk/) (from Yup’ik qaspeq; Iñupiaq: atikłuk) is a hooded overshirt with a large front pocket commonly worn among Alaska Natives (

These qaspeqs and jackets design and details are traditional Yukon style.singing in church

Mukluks are the traditional Eskimo Boots hand sewn and made of skins (seal, caribou, beaver, etc.)