The River to White Mountian Alaska

White Mountain – Best Fly fishing!

White Mountain is home to Tom’s Fly Fishing Camp!

Do you enjoy wilderness? The Wild Alaska landscape? Abundant fish Northern Pike, Silvers and the most fantastic Grayling fishing. Tom & B J’s Camp offer a remote retreat on the beautiful Niukluk river. In the summer, the only transportation is by boat and in the winter by a snow machine. There are rustic cabins, homemade meals… all part of this wonderful trip. You will not find a more hospitable home to share stories. You will experience true Alaskan native culture and the Eskimo way of living. Most of all– a friendly welcome to this wilderness watch the Aurora lights at night and wonderful fishing by day.

“The area that is present day White Mountain began as the Eskimo fish camp Nachirvik which means “mountain look-up point.” The bountiful resources of both the Niukluk and the Fish rivers supported the Native populations there.”,_Alaska