Alaskan NW Adventures Lodge on the Niukluk River

Along the banks of the Niukluk River in the heart of the Seward Peninsula, lies Alaskan NW Adventures Fishing Camp. This is a friendly place far far away from all the hurry-scurry of city life. Remote and untouched beauty surrounds you no matter what season of the year it is.

Our Camp

Your cabin is just a few feet from the river side. The bedrooms has comfortable beds and linens. The living area has a couch and a table with chairs. There is a wash house with hot showers and flush toilets. The Main Lodge is where you will have your meals.

The Grounds

Enjoy the peace a quiet. Just outside of your cabin is the Niukluk River. Wake up early and throw a line in and go fishing. In the Evening we have a camp fire.

Main Lodge

Right on the Shores of the Niukluk River. Here you will have your main meals a few feet from the resident cabins and wash house.

Red Cabin

The cabin has a table and chairs, two couches, a furnace, two bedrooms.

Green Cabin

The cabin has a table and chairs, a couches, a furnace, a bedroom.

Wash House

Beside your cabin is a wash house with running water, hot shower and toilet. Towels are provided

Home-Cooked Meals Included

BJ (Toms wife of 37 years) is your hostess and will be doing all the cooking. Aside from keeping the fish camp in line she found time to raise 3 kids. We have raised our family during the summer at the camp you will be at. Now our grandchildren spend time with us at the camp.

Experience the Wilderness, and Alaskan Hospitality!

Contact us

Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have. --Tom Gray

Choose your adventure

Native Alaska

Catching Alaskan King Crabs

Eco-Cultural Tours

Experience Ice-Fishing, Crabbing, Hot-Springs, Wildlife, Seine Fishing, Food Preservation and Amazing Adventures!

Trophy Fishing

Salmon Fishing

Angler Guiding

Catch Salmon, Grayling, Northern Pike, White Fish and Dolly Varden Trout in the Summer!

Grizzly Hunt

grizzly bear hunt

Barren Ground Bears

The Great Grizzly Bear Hunts are available in the Spring and Fall.
"We welcome you to an Alaskan trip that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Folks say once you come to our area you'll be coming back!!! We ask you come with adventure in your heart and we'll turn it into super memories."
Tom and BJ Gray