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Discover Nome Alaska and the Seward Peninsula like never before!

Native Alaskan Culture & Wildlife Tours

Learn first hand about the Arctic Alaskan Northwest on the Seward Peninsula. Through ecotourism, now you can experience the wildness, history, culture and Native subsistence living that our ancestors have know for thousands of years.

All seasons of the year have a new adventures to offer. Depending on the time of the year, we may travel by boat, 4-wheelers or snowmachine (snowmobile). Explore the heart of Seward Peninsula as you tour between Nome, White Mountain, Council and Kuzitrin.

on the tundra

Come and Experience the Adventures of NW Alaska through the Seasons!

In Northwest Alaska, there is an adventure waiting for you in every season. You will be awestruck by the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan Arctic.

Welcome to Camp Gray's Fish Camp - Good Times- Alaskan NW Adventure
Welcome to Camp Gray's Fish Camp - Good Times- Alaskan NW Adventure

Once the snow melts in the late Spring, the wildflowers begin to bloom dotting the tundra with awesome color. The birds will begin nesting and their song will wake up the tundra and boreal forest. Brant (Brent) Geese and Willow Ptarmigans are making their nests on the rocky shorelines of Nome. The ice seals will pup on the shores of the Seward Peninsula in the early spring. Perhaps you may catch a glimpse of a Barren Ground Grizzly Bear as they wake from their slumber!

By July, the rivers fill up with Salmon, Grayling, Northern Pike, White Fish and Dolly Varden Trout. Now is your opportunity to take an eco-tour on the boat to the favorite fishing holes. Or maybe try out seine fishing. Learn Eskimo subsistence salmon preservation. Tom and BJ will teach you how to cut, smoke and dry salmon in preparation for the long months of the Alaskan Winters.

Demonstration-Preparing Salmon
Demonstration-Preparing Salmon
Picking Blueberries
Picking Blueberries

In August, the Tundra will bring forth the harvest of low bush Blueberries. The night sky will display the dancing lights of the aurora borealis as you sit around the campfire. Take a 4-wheeler trip to see the Moose and the Muskox over the ridge. While you are there check out the train to nowhere and the giant skeletons of the gold dredging machines of Nome’s past. Stop by the ocean to see the seals and the Beluga Whale. Later in the Fall, go out on the ocean to set a crab pot if the conditions are right.

As the snow begins to blanket the earth, now it is time to take the snow machines out for a spin! Pass by the towering mountains, visit the hot springs as you cross the frozen rivers. You may be able to go ice-fishing if the ice is deep enough. As March comes around, you can be here in Nome for the exciting finish of the Iditarod Dog-Sled Race!

Snow-mobile over the Alaska Tundra
Snow-mobile over the Alaska Tundra
Fast-Boating on the Alsakan River

Every turn of the calendar brings new adventures to be explored.

  • Summer
    • Bait Fishing (lures)
    • Seine Fishing (net)
    • Blueberries and Greens
    • Birding (some call it Bird-watching or Ornithology)
    • Gold Mining (present and past)
    • 4-Wheelers over the beautiful landscape
  • Fall
    • Moose
    • Belugas
    • Ice fish
    • White fish
    • 4-Wheelers over the beautiful landscape
  • Winter/Spring
    • Ice Fishing
    • Hot Springs
    • Muskox
    • Seals
    • Boating in Ocean
    • Crabbing 
    • Iditarod
    • Snow-Machining over the beautiful landscape

Learn about Rural Northwest Alaska first-hand!

Customize Your Adventure.

Maybe you want fish the Niukluk river for a couple days, see the mountains and the Hot Springs near Kuzitrin, visit a native village of White Mountain, and see the skeletons of giant gold dredging machines of the past in Nome. Travel by snow machine, jet boats or 4-wheelers. Tom will customize and awesome experience for you!

Native Alaskan Culture and Wildlife Tours

Being in a remote part of Alaska you won't have the crowds to deal with. Enjoy the wildlife and spectacular landscape of Alaska! Every eco-tour is customized so it is difficult to put a blanket price for a tour package. To give you a ballpark rate: -Summer ecotours run $675/day -Winter ecotour run $950/day (includes snow-machine rental) Please use the Package price quote button below or call Tom (1-907-443-3971)

Alaskan NW Adventures, LLC

Alaskan NW Adventures Box 306 Nome, AK 99762

Iditarod dog-sledding race marker, Alaskan NW Adventures
What do you want to see while you are staying in Nome, Alaska? Awesome Wildlife, Trophy Fishing, Historical Bering Sea Gold Mining, Snow Machine Tours, Alaskan Native Culture...
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Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have. -Tom Gray

Gold Mining in Nome

Seward Peninsula Gold Rush

Visit the historical Gold-mining town of Nome. There you may learn about the stories of the local Native Alaskan villagers and the influence of the settlers and Gold-miners in the late 1890's.

Gold Mining from the Past

Alaskan Reality Shows

Have you watched the popular Alaskan reality Shows such as "Bering Sea Gold©" and "Deadliest Catch©"? Now you can visit Nome, Alaska behind the scenes. See the famous Gold Dredging Machines and Crabbing Boats of live reality TV shows. Have you heard of the "Christine Rose" and the "Myrtle Irene?"

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Our daily schedule is as such:

8:00 AM
9:00-9:30 AM
Geared up and on the river! Maybe pass by the Eagle’s nest. See the Muskox grazing.
12 Noon - Lunch
Lunch on the river. All during the day, you will be with a guide exploring nature and touring the sites.
6:30 PM
Wrap up and head for dinner at the lodge.
University of Alaska Teacher's Camp - Students learn how to seine, cut, hang and smoke river salmon.
University of Alaska Teacher's Camp - Students learn how to seine, cut, hang and smoke river salmon.
Finish Line of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race
Finish Line of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race
(in the Summer!)
"We welcome you to an Alaskan trip that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Folks say once you come to our area you'll be coming back!!! We ask you come with adventure in your heart and we'll turn it into super memories."
Tom and BJ Gray
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Native Alaska

Catching Alaskan King Crabs

Eco-Cultural Tours

Experience Ice-Fishing, Crabbing, Hot-Springs, Wildlife, Seine Fishing, Food Preservation and Amazing Adventures!

Trophy Fishing

Salmon Fishing

Angler Guiding

Catch Salmon, Grayling, Northern Pike, White Fish and Dolly Varden Trout in the Summer!

Grizzly Hunt

grizzly bear hunt

Barren Ground Bears

The Great Grizzly Bear Hunts are available in the Spring and Fall.
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